Wednesday, August 10, 2011

MacDs anyone?

One of the first things I realised about life in Ludhiana, is that food is a very important part of it!! Having spent the greater part of my life in the hinterlands of Vellore, where a dark, dingy and diarrhoeagenic restaurant called Chinatown was the be-all and end-all of haute cuisine, and then spending time in the beautiful climes of Shillong, where our ultimate dining experience was a hastily rustled up Sausage Maggi Fry, it has been a welcome surprise to find that every kind of food is available here, although of course, at a price. Since we are still reeling from the financial implications of shifting a whole house over 3000 kms, we have refrained from the high-wining and dining that is possible given the wide scope of choices available. But once a week for the last 3 weeks, we make a pilgrimage to the nearest McDonalds (weep all you country bumpkins, there is more than one of them here!!), or MacDs as it is called in this neck of the woods where we sample the sinful delights that make a beeline from our mouth to our arteries! Its actually strange how a thin piece of fried meat between two pieces of bread and surrounded by a few (often stale) bits of lettuce can have spawned one of the biggest food industries of the world. It's even more strange how millions of people pay 5 or 6 times the cost of the ingredients just to sample the whole package. But there you have it - that's modern life!! And when you walk out with your Coke in your hand, there are always a few children who run up to you and ask you for a little money. That's modern life too. Where some of us are so blessed that we can enjoy many things that are totally out of the question for others....

I suspect I will have a lot more to say in the future about the food in Ludhiana (fear not, Aman Chicken fans!), but for now I raise my hat to Ronald McDonald and his team - they do bring a smile to my face!


  1. hope KFC is there in Ludhiana... that's way better than MacD. A KFC-loving soul would ever step into a MacD... :)

  2. You know Arpit, after my USMLE step 1 exam results, the one treat I really wanted to indulge in was a BIG MAC!! No fine dining or wining-just pure joy of eating a Big Mac!!

    Also whenever my brother visits my India, the first and last thing he eats at the airport is a BigMac!

    So it is definitely worth a million bucks-ofcourse you worry about the calories a little later!


  3. I agree with the first comment. Hunt for the nearest KFC. You won't enter MacD after that!

  4. Bihari Dhaba for me - the charpais outside and the small garden - and the clear air of a Jharkhand morning on the drive to Ranchi... hot roti's coming up from the innards of there chulah..

  5. Hi guys! Seems like the dust has settled from the long cross country road trip and life has started for you guys in Ludhiana.

    Enjoy the McD's; they are a huge favorite of our family too though I don't crave it as much these days.

    A juicy Mc.Chicken burger can be purchased for less than a dollar here and anytime I see that I bless the owners as they have made the meal so affordable for countless people who can't afford other eat outs on a regular basis.

    ~ NRIGirl

  6. Sorry KFC fans!! Actually was one myself till about 2 months back. Then I finally got tired of the rude behaviour that the KFC employees in outlets all around the world somehow seemed to reserve for me!! Is this a shared experience?